Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – these are our 3 Rs. We are a nation-wide coalition of citizens' associations, representatives, as well as ordinary citizens, with the vision of Czech waste management without further incinerators and landfills, the vision of waste management based on waste prevention and the highest possible waste recycling. Since 2012, the Pro 3R Coalition creates a counterbalance to politicians' and lobbyists' efforts to support incineration and landfilling of waste, and, with that, of valuable secondary raw materials and compostable components.

Joint Declaration of the Memebers of the Pro 3R Coalition (PDF)

The Pro 3R Coalition supports:

  • Waste prevention
  • Increase of the waste recycling rate
  • Reuse of materials
  • Biowaste composting
  • Introduction of a deposit-refund system for PET bottles and beverage cans in the Czech Republic
  • Introduction of a fee for waste incineration, as in the case of its landfilling in the Czech Republic
  • Inclusion of waste incinerators (WTE) in the European Union Emissions Trading System
  • Stricter measurements of toxic substances and its limits in the case of waste incinerators (WTE)
  • Introduction of a publicly available waste incineration residues database in the Czech Republic
  • Creation of a legislative framework to regulate "chemical recycling" technologies in the Czech Republic
  • Introduction of zero waste systems
  • Introduction of an eco-modulation system, i.e., economic advantages for products that are more environmentally friendly

The Pro 3R Coalition does not agree with:

  • Construction of more waste incinerators (WTE) in the Czech Republic and support for them from public financial sources
  • Import of waste into Czech incinerators (WTE) from abroad
  • Restriction of rights of citizens, municipalities, and associations to participate in decision-making processes


Who are we?

The Pro 3R Coalition is an informal grouping of citizens' associations, representatives, as well as ordinary citizens, who criticize an interest in construction of waste incinerators, facilities for energy recovery from waste, and similar facilities, in the Czech Republic, that has grown for several years. The coalition was formed in 2012, but its activities were reduced later. It was re-established in 2020, in particular in connection with discussion on amendments of two Acts crucial for waste management in the Czech Republic, namely Act on Waste and Act on Packaging.

The basic position of the Coalition, and reasons for its establishment, or re-establishment, respectively, are summarised in the Joint Declaration of its members. However, its name itself expresses well what are the individual members interested in primarily. The '3R' in the Coalition name is an abbreviation for the words 'reduce, reuse, recycle'. That is what we want to promote in relation to waste in particular.

The Coalition has knowledge and arguments in the field of sustainable waste management systems, as well as examples of good practice both from the Czech Republic and from foreign countries. The Coalition arranges contacts with Czech and foreign networks of associations with similar programmes. In the Coalition, we share experience with local campaigns and cases, news and current information in the field of waste management, and we submit comments and suggestions to strategic and legislative documents on the nation-wide level, occasionally as well as European level.

Joint Declaration of the Members of the Pro 3R Coalition (PDF)



Signatories of the Declaration and Members of the Coalition:

  • RNDr. Luboš Beran, Ph.D., representative of the municipality Horní Počaply
  • BcA. Michal Berg, representative of the town Vsetín, deputy chairman of the association Vsetínské fórum and co-chairman of the Green Party
  • Nikola Carić, chairman of the association Nádech, Ostrava
  • Jiří Čečka, member of the association Spolek Vysoká
  • Ing. Jan Freidinger, campaigner of Greenpeace Czech Republic
  • Ing. Václav Gavlovský, chairman of the association Spolek FRYGATO - EKO, Karviná
  • Mgr. Marek Gonda, Komňa
  • Ing. Jiří Horák, mayor of the municipality Vysoká nad Labem
  • Mgr. Jan Hrubeš, Most
  • Ing. Pavel Huspeka, Vsetín
  • Ing. Nikola Jelínek, expert on toxic substances in the environment of the Toxics and Waste Programme of the Arnika Association
  • Ing. Jan Juráš, chairman of ZO ČSOP Strakonice
  • Jiří Juška, deputy mayor of the municipality Srnojedy
  • JUDr. Petr Kowanda, Mělník
  • Ing. Ivo Kropáček, waste expert of Hnutí DUHA - Friends of the Earth Czech Republic
  • Ing. Jan Linhart, chairman of the association Zelená pro Pardubicko
  • PharmDr. Tereza Machová, chairwoman of the association Herout and representative of the municipality Heřmanův Městec
  • Bc. Jiří Müller, Domoušice
  • Bc. Sarah Ožanová, project coordinator of the Toxics and Waste Programme of the Arnika Association
  • David Palán, chairman of the association Asociace pro bezpečné potraviny,
    representative of the town
  • RNDr. Jindřich Petrlík, programme manager of the Toxics and Waste Programme of the Arnika Association
  • Ing. Michal Pokorný, chairman of the association Spolek Vysoká
  • Ing. Jiří Pykal, deputy chairman of the association Spolek Javořice
  • Ing. Tomáš Richta, member of the association Senzorvzduchu and co-chairman of the basic organisation of the Green Party in Prague 2
  • Ing. Edvard Sequens, chairman of the association Calla – Sdružení pro záchranu prostředí, České Budějovice
  • Michael Šatník, Varnsdorf
  • Mgr. Miloslava Štěrbová, member of the association Spolek občanů Permanent, Nymburk
  • Michaela Šťastná, Písek
  • MUDr. Miroslav Šuta, chairman of the association Centrum pro životní prostředí a zdraví
  • Pavel Vodička st., Varnsdorf
  • Kateřina Wagnerová, chairwoman of the association Pelyněk, Prachatice

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The Pro 3R Coalition is an informal grouping of citizens' associations, representatives, as well as ordinary citizens. The Coalition is not a legal personality.

The Coalition contact person is Sarah Ožanová from the non-profit organisation Arnika - Toxics and Waste Programme., 774 406 825 (telephone number to Arnika's office)


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