Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – these are our 3R's. We are a nation-wide coalition of non-governmental organisations, associations, and citizens' initiatives, with the vision of Czech waste management without further incinerators and landfills, the vision of waste management based on waste prevention and the highest possible waste recycling. Since 2012, the PRO 3R Coalition creates a counterbalance to politicians' and lobbyists' efforts to support incineration and landfilling of waste, and, with that, of valuable secondary raw materials and compostable components.

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The PRO 3R Coalition Supports:

  • Prevention of municipal waste production, and ending its growth every year
  • Composting of biologically degradable waste
  • Higher recycling level
  • Introduction of zero waste systems
  • Improvement and expansion of the system of returnable packaging.

The PRO 3R Does not Agree with:

  • Definition of an incinerator as a renewable source of energy
  • Support of incinerators from public financial sources
  • Efforts to restrict rights of citizens and municipalities to participate in decision-making processes

On the Coalition

The PRO 3R Coalition is a voluntary group of Czech non-governmental organisations, associations, citizens' initiatives, and interest groups, that decided to join forces through confirming common opinions and aims in 2012. The Declaration of the PRO 3R Coalition summarises the basic opinions and explains the reasons for establishing a nation-wide group. The PRO 3R Coalition has knowledge and arguments in the field of sustainable waste management system at its disposal, with good practice examples from both the Czech Republic and foreign countries. The Coalition provides contacts with foreign, as well as global, networks of organisations with similar programmes. Within the Coalition, we share experiences from local campaigns and cases. In the name of the Coalition, we submit comments and proposals to policy and legislation documents on the nation-wide level.


At present, the PRO 3R Coalition has 8 members, namely:

  • Arnika program Toxické látky a odpady (Toxics and Waste Programme of the Arnika Association)
  • Krajská organizace Strany zelených Vysočina (Regional Organisation of the Green Party in the Vysočina Region)
  • Lidi pro Liberec (People for Liberec)
  • OPS, o.s.
  • Plzeňané proti spalovně Chotíkov (Plzeň Citizens against the Incinerator Chotíkov)
  • Program Odpady Hnutí DUHA (Waste Programme of the DUHA Movement)
  • Sdružení pro udržitelný rozvoj obce Chotíkov (Association for Sustainable Development of the Chotíkov Municipality)
  • Za krásný Žacléř (For Beautiful Žacléř)

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The PRO 3R Coalition is a loose grouping of citizens' initiatives. The Coalition is not a legal personality.

The Coalition contact person is Matěj Man., (+420) 724 115 436

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