Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – these are our 3R's. We are a nation-wide coalition of non-governmental organisations, associations, and citizens' initiatives, with the vision of Czech waste management without further incinerators and landfills, the vision of waste management based on waste prevention and the highest possible waste recycling. Since 2012, the PRO 3R Coalition creates a counterbalance to politicians' and lobbyists' efforts to support incineration and landfilling of waste, and, with that, of valuable secondary raw materials and compostable components.

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The PRO 3R Coalition offers its members a strong knowledge background in the field of waste management and waste disposal technologies, as well as examples of good practice in waste management. The Coalition may back your activities in this field, to provide contacts on national, as well as international, levels. The Coalition is in a strong position to promote waste management that is environmentally-friendly and safe to health, both on local and national levels.

The members of the Coalition share news and current information in the field of interest. The Coalition provides regular searches of international news in the field of sustainable waste management. The members are offered free knowledge seminars and workshops, and technical excursions.

We offer free membership to associations and citizens' initiatives that agree with the Coalition Declaration and are willing to respect the rules of the Coalition work.

The Coalition offers two kinds of membership - regular and associate one. This duality was proposed,  in particular, because of the method through which the Coalition adopts decisions. All the Coalition steps are taken on the basis of a consensus of all the regular Coalition members. Thus, the regular Coalition members decide on further steps, on future direction, as well as on admittance of new members. For more information, please see the Rules of the Coalition Work.

Should you are interested in membership or further information, please do not hesitate to contact the contact email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The PRO 3R Coalition is a loose grouping of citizens' initiatives. The Coalition is not a legal personality.

The Coalition contact person is Matěj Man., (+420) 724 115 436

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